Social AR Workshop

Get Your Team Up to Speed in One Hour

Proven to be both extremely popular and effective, AR is quickly becoming a crucial part of social media marketing. But how can you effectively integrate augmented reality into your campaigns?


How social AR can be applied to your particular business

Pros and cons of Web AR, App AR, Snapchat AR, Instagram AR, and Facebook AR – and when to use each

Tips for integrating social AR into multichannel brand and advertising campaigns (and pitfalls to avoid)

Social AR ideas and examples that can be applied to your brand

The near-term outlook for AR and what’s on the horizon

You’ll also get your questions answered -live- by our team of experts.


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We've Done This 💩 Before (a lot)

Our work has garnered countless accolades and mentions from the American Advertising Awards, Webby Awards, and One Show. Our augmented reality projects have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views--all with zero ad spend. We are an official SNAP Next Gen Spectacles creator partner.

Beyond our client work, we also teach AR/VR classes at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) as adjunct faculty and even recently helped RIT develop its entire virtual production curriculum.

In recent months, we've educated teams from Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, national brands, and funded startups--giving them them the lowdown on how to integrate social, web, and app AR into their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Now, we'd like to do the same for you and your team!


Who the 🤯 is Optic Sky?

Founded in 2014, Optic Sky is an advertising and digital experience production company located in Western New York. Its multidisciplinary in-house team and network of directors produce national TV commercials, social video, 2D / 3D animation, virtual production, and interactive experiences that engage audiences across every marketing channel.
Its clients include Google, Amazon, Wegmans, and other household brands, numerous venture-backed startups, and globally-recognized agencies. Official SNAP partner.
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